Reflection One

When creating the first assignment, I remember feeling very conflicted. From how everything was going to turn out, to how to incorporate the different pieces of my design persona into one document. I wanted each piece to fit well together, to blend well, and to represent me as a person. I wanted more space to express the design I was looking to create as I was urging to explore but scared of the mistakes I might make while trying, thinking I would not be able to easily fix them. Looking back, I see that my progress from the first assignment to the second assignment was very dynamic in its own way. I found that I was making some of the same small mistakes that I had made with the resume, in the whole site; just in a bigger way! At the start of the first assignment, I was struggling greatly with understanding the mechanics of how things were tied together. I understood the differences between HTML and CSS and which type of code properties go into each, but I did not understand when I was faced with errors where to turn to in means of fixing it. In retrospect, I believe that this is due to the fact that I did not fully understand how writing code is like writing a map of directions. You are instructing the site which parts to update and you write it as such. While this may seem simple, it was one of the first things I recognized in my progress from the first assignment to the second. I was not just copying code and reading from the book; I was now able to problem solve and think about how the different codes are working together. I could now figure out where the mistake was. I truly saw myself start to understand fully, not just understand where to copy and paste. I consider my achievement of creating a site, especially one that embodies me as a person and follows my design persona, a success. With this, comes the success of finding the solutions to the ‘trial and error’ phases of the site. While I do like the logo on the top of the screen as the ‘home’ button, I do wish I was able to incorporate my carousel into my home page. After assessing the situation, I deemed it a little too far out of my skill level. However, with perhaps more time and practice, this can just be a goal for the future! I had to make a decision; work on the carousel, or make my site the best it can be right now, and taking on the small risks. I chose to do that and it worked out well. I consider this active decision making a success as well, my overall problem solving and decision making when it comes to design was not just enhanced for this project but overall. I can make decisions about design knowing that I can take a risk and fix it for I became more confident in my ability to be creative. Right now I believe that my comfort level is proficient in web design and coding. Am I advanced? Far from it! But I have enough understanding to create something that is visually appealing and functional. I believe I can only grow from here. While I feel like I have reached my full potential for this class, I do think that putting in the extra hours outside of class and spending time in open coding makes a huge difference when learning to design for the web so I would recommend this to future classes!