Reflection One

Taking a look at my finished website, I do feel as though it does have an emotional and responsive design. I started by really focusing on the responsive resume assignment and I feel as though I learned alot about incorporating a responsive design with a page that has a lot of words and variables. How would this change when the screen size got smaller or bigger? I found that this was harder than it seems at first but what worked for me was I wrote down a couple consistent variables I wanted to stay the same regardless of screen size, so that even when looking at different aspects of the site, it’s responsiveness was consistent in design. I also decided to incorporate my ‘why’ statement in the resume and really focused on carrying that over into the full site design. I wanted my site to be authentic and true to me, this is why I was so picky about my header image. The old image just did not feel right to me for what my reader would like to see. One of the elements of emotional design that we learned, that stuck with me the most, was the aspect that you have to remember your user. As someone who is in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Haub School of Business, I needed to have a site that appealed to both a creative and professional audience. This is why I chose to stick with san-serif fonts for most of my site because they fit in nicely with my design persona for a creative audience, but also look ‘clean’ for a professional audience. Another element of emotional design that resonated with me was to imagine my site as a person. If my site emulates a persona, than people can more easily associate that persona with me. My site is an extension of who I am, it is a digital me! So to best emulate this, I stuck with fun colors (yellow is becoming more and more of a favorite color of mine) as well as my logo to represent my original blog theme of “Maryland baby turned Philly Lady”. While I was able to include the logo from my original design plan, I did make some design changes. I had to largely reduce the sizes of some of the boxes I made during our grid assignment for I overestimated the size of the screen and the boxes were taking up too much space. I also ended up cutting the carousel because it was still a little far of a reach out of my skill level. As I become more advanced in web design and improving my skills, I would love to see myself add that carousel one day. One thing that I would love to add to my website, that I ran out of time to do, is adding a trending articles page where I could repost and credit articles that are being published that I agree with or I think spark interest or exploration. I think that this would be able to highlight a new aspect of my design persona and allow my reader to see how about what I think about current issues in our world, while I work at becoming educated enough to write them myself. This could also add another business professional element to my site which I would love to highlight more in future to exemplify both of my majors.